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google stack: Google launches app to help you store important documents – Times of India

Internet search giant Google has announced a new app — called Stack — that aims to help people to organise their documents. This service has been developed by Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120.
The app is available for Android users in the US for now, but it is possible that if more and more users adopt it, it may be rolled out more widely.

Using this app, Android users will be able to click a photo of any document and the app will scan automatically. Further, it will even suggest the right category to users for storing— such as vehicles, bills, IDs and receipts.
Another feature that Stack boasts of is that it will pick out important information — including due date or total amount due of a bill — in documents that are stored. This is said to make the process of accessing them easier.
It will also allow users to search through the full text of their documents instead of the title to make the process of finding documents easy.
For safety and security needs of important documents, Stack is said to make use of Google’s “advanced security and sign-in technology”. Further, it also offers support for biometric authentication and face scans as well.
Lastly, the app also automatically saves a copy of users’ documents in their Google Drive to make it easier to export them.

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